At the peak of the sex-workers-as-bloggers phenomenon, Sarah (real name with held) — like many of us — grew to become an adult. She did not just read with idle interest; she decided to give it a go when she met a friend who had recently began work as an escort with a Toronto Escort Agency .

“I am twenty-two year old, an English undergraduate student and I moonlight as an escort. During the day, I am indistinguishable from students of like-minds on campus. At night, I dress up and makeup like an expensive meal of someone”, she said.

For many years, Sarah has been interested in the job of Toronto Escorts. As a teen, she was fascinated about sex –she was fascinated about the social mechanics and psychology behind it and not necessarily the sensation-driven and carnal frenzies. She asked questions like “why would someone want to have sex with a particular person”? What type of image does one need to portray to fend someone off? She was not at all interested in the pleasure, in fact, for many years, she did not enjoy the act of sex. To her, it all seemed primal and barbaric at the time, but she now appreciates it.

As the wave of erudite Asian Escorts Toronto hit the blogosphere, her curiosity grew right when she was about sixteen year old. “There were many of them, but the most memorable for me was Alexa from NY Hotties and Belle from Belle de Jour and. I also read the Nancy Chan column on Salon.com. Before discovering these blogs I did not have any perceived notions of what escort work is like; I would dismiss the sex trafficking shown in films as exaggerated, though I am now aware that those are very critical issues. I may have been naive, but now I am almost happy that I was. It made me keep an open mind about this sort of work”, she said.

As the Years flew by, she moved out to another country to obtain a university education, stayed alone, and had total freedom from both friends and family. She was engaged in a lot of casual sex, though she was not paid for it. For her it was a serious education for both sex itself and learning about the possibility of having multiple sex partners. She learned that she did not matter that much to people as she thought, and that she is not under any obligation to allow people to matter to her.

When Sarah found a friend who was also fascinated by the job of an escort just like herself, she made a decision to email the agency she is with now. Throughout the years she had never kept her interest hidden from friends, although it was always met with disdain and incredulity. She made a few friends in the city who are strippers, who gave her direction to an agency run by a woman.