Tips to Becoming Successful as a Toronto Escort Contd.

Tips to Becoming Successful as a Toronto Escort Contd.

It is possible for a Toronto escort to maintain a very fulfilling lifestyle, but it is not highly probable that it will be full of glamour. Do not expect to instantly afford a Benz or a Jag, and that dream mansion on the hill is still miles away. Just like any other occupation, there are lessons and skills to learn first. You have to crawl before you can start walking and walk before you can start flying.


Toronto escorts must be in time. Punctuality is one of the first lessons Toronto Asian escorts must learn. Not showing up or being late for a date is absolutely unacceptable. No amount of traffic jams, flat tires, or babysitting problems will be an excuse for arriving late. Even if your date chooses to ignore it, your lateness will be noted and the tip you get or do not get will reflect how unhappy your date was as regards having to wait for your arrival.

If you work for a Toronto escort agency, just one late arrival could be met with a severe warning. Having two late arrivals could cost you your job. The client’s time is equivalent to money, and nobody likes their time or money being wasted.

It is not always about sex:

There are some dates that may only require you to bring your sexy body and pretty little face to a corporate event or party. Your job is done once the event is over. The fact is: we all know that there is nothing that livens up a party like sexy women who are ready to talk, laugh and dance the night away. A few people who do not have a companion may attend a corporate event. It is common place for a host to introduce the solo attendees to a nice lady who also happens to be in need of someone to chat with or to share a table with during an intermission. You do not need to let anyone know you were paid to be there, and you have the luxury of choosing whether you leave with someone or leave alone.

It’s Not Always About the Money

Not every waitresses were always waitresses, and they do not all remain waitresses until they retire. In the same vein, not every escort dreamt of becoming an escort, made a career from it, and retired as an escort. Although it is easy for one to get used to the money that can be earned, some individuals are not motivated by the financial reward. Some Toronto escorts only remain long enough to achieve a purpose, such as recover from a financial hardship or pay for college. It can be difficult working a full-time job to pay your bills while also attending college on full-time or part-time basis. Some people handle the situation by spending a few hours per week going on dates whenever they want to and with whomever they want to. When the financial hurdle has been overcome or when college is over, they return back to other employment.


Tips to Becoming Successful as a Toronto Escort

Tips to Becoming Successful as a Toronto Escort

There are lots of misunderstanding about becoming one of the many Toronto Asian escorts. One big misconception is that it is easy and fast to become successful as an escort. It is not as simple as winking at the right guy, wearing skimpy clothes, and then playing hard to get. That may win you a client or two. However, you will need to work a lot harder to get repeat clients and clients who will send referrals.


As often as you can be, you need to be available for client calls or at least be consistently available during a particular time frame and/or on certain days. By so doing, your clients will know when you are likely to be available and they may be able to adjust their schedule to suit your available moments if you are valuable to them. Keep in mind that you are not the only Toronto escort available. It’s a big city with plenty of escorts; if you are not available, many other Toronto escorts will be.

Hygiene, Grooming, Dress

As an Escorts Toronto, you should always smell and look like you just stepped out of the shower and got all made up for each specific client. One easy way to accomplish this is to ask the client ahead of time how he would like you to dress. Maybe he’s a suit-and-tie kind of man at the office, but prefers leather and denim after work hours. Make sure your attire fits his mood.

All Asian escorts should have hair and nails that are always tidy and neat. No flashy colors or chewed nails. Keep it simple with coral, French tip, or nude colors. Never wear too much perfume and do not show up with the smell of an ashtray all over you.

Lingerie should be a matching set and should be in good condition. You shouldn’t mix the slightly less worn Cross Your Heart bra you got from last year with your sexy bikini bottom you bought 3 years ago, no matter how good they still look on you. Also, stick with the simple colors of black or white lingerie. If a client prefers other colors, then make sure you get the other colors to please him. But do not assume that every man will enjoy the sight of a light skin complexion wearing a leaf color green. You must understand that your repeat clients will be paying for more than just your skin. What they want is a total package; an entire experience with an Asian escort. Demonstrate to them you are worth their time and their money.



Toronto escorts are among the most popular and the most prestigious. One of the more alluring aspects of the Toronto escorts community is its wide variety. When a client is seeking an escort, they are searching for their ideal escort, and that girl will vary depending on the personal taste of the client. Of the variety of escort girls to choose from, some of the girls are members of the Asian community. Asian Escorts girls are beautiful, and they are in demand. Why are these exotic escorts outstanding?

Asian Escorts in Toronto look unique with their distinctive dark eyes and long dark hair; they are an example of part of the escorts that make up the exotic escorts group. Whether Japanese, Korean, Thai, or Chinese, Asian women are generally smaller in stature than Caucasian women, and they have delicate features with a creamy skin.

Asian Escorts in Toronto are educated, polite, and well mannered. They are the kind of girls that won’t bore you; they are not controlling or pushy. Unlike other women, they never feel the need to dominate a conversation. But don’t get it twisted. There’s yet another reason why Asian women are damn so popular. Though Asian Escorts in Toronto may be friendly, but they are not prudes. They are there to attend to your sexual needs. Asian Escorts are clean, cultured, and the kind of woman who knows how to treat you as a man.

Most men who desire escorts in Toronto are not from Toronto. An exciting thing about an escort is that they can meet with you on your own terms. An Asian Escort from Escort Toronto Co. can accompany you to a business function, show you around the city, or go with you to your favorite restaurant. If you want someone to make you feel as relaxed as possible, or if you just need someone to listen to you, an Asian Escort in Toronto is willing to accompany you to your hotel room and will make you forget that you are all alone in the city. The soothing voice of any of these lovely ladies is a treat on its own. Many men work long hours and lead busy lives. At the end of the day, you deserve a treat and one of the best ways to treat yourself is with the company of a woman who truly cares. With one of these escorts, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your stay in Toronto.

Whatever your desire may be, Escorts in Toronto are lovely women of class. These lovely ladies have some of the softest skins you have ever felt. As you caress her knee or hold her hand, you’ll see for yourself.

Escorts in Toronto have sexy features you will never forget. A general characteristic of these ladies is their full and rounded bottoms; they are certainly one of the first things you’ll look at when she covers her rear-end with a smooth mini dress or wraps it in tight shorts. Take her to one of the hot Toronto clubs and watch her twerk that booty to your satisfaction.





Meet a 22 Year old Escort whose Boyfriend Has No Idea. Part 3

Meet a 22 Year old Escort whose Boyfriend Has No Idea. Part 3

“I am putting on a black tank top, clingy grey wool maxi-skirt, and a leather jacket. You are allowed to dress the way you like for most clients, which is great; the Escorts Agency encourages this so that we will feel as comfortable as possible in our own skin, and by so doing we will provide a better experience” she said. She also said that this obviously excludes anything that does not appear too casual or flattering to the silhouette. Also, there are Megan girls who have been forced to change because they are putting on jeans, even if they are designers and skintight. She is happy that she gets to put on her own clothes.

She gets to the apartment of the client, kiss him hello, excuses herself to the restroom, secretly pick up an envelope full of cash on the hallway table, and then she calls the driver to let him know that she is safe. She then goes out to dinner with the client.

Sarah went on to explain that despite her insistence on the separation of work and play, the woman she is currently, is not very different from the woman she happens to be in any other context––she is still twenty-two, she is still a student, and she still adores sushi, which is why her clients take her to Japanese restaurant instead of an Italian one.

“It’s easy to have conversation, joke, laugh, even seriously discuss religion and politics – though that is not encouraged when you are with clients you do not know, so you don’t offend them. Allow them talk; get to know them first. They will inquire about you, in which I give partially honest answers. I lie about specifics, like location. I’m truthful about opinions. We don’t touch each other in public. To everyone else, it probably looks like he’s catching up with the daughter of an old friend” she remarked.

In the apartment of her clients, they would sometimes have a glass of wine. She would allow the clients initiate the first touch––many of her clients like to know they are in control of this experience, and she is petite enough to play the submissive Toronto Escort Girls. Many of her clients enjoy simple pleasure ––a naked woman, an attractive one, is usually enough. Those who are kinky will have such opinion –– She has peed on clients, whipped them, she has been choked and slapped by phalluses of both plastic and fleshy construct, but they have always asked her first. In this situation, one has to be vocal about his wants as it is a matter of consent and there is not much mind-reading to do.

“We shower after, separately. We lounge around on the bed, discussing his work week. This is usually an introduction to a stress-induced knot on his back, his shoulders. I straddle him and pummel those spots in an attempt at massage, though his soft snoring indicates satisfaction”, she added.


Meet a 22 Year old Escort whose Boyfriend Has No Idea. Part 2.

Meet a 22 Year old Escort whose Boyfriend Has No Idea. Part 2.

Sarah says she has two friends:  one who works at the agency, and the other who is not in the industry but has proven to be a good source of support all through the years. She explained that being discreet about her job is born out of choice and not a necessity. “My friends who do not know I’m sure will accept it; they are liberal and creative in their views. My decision to be discreet has more to do with sustaining a dual role of keeping my life and job separate” she remarked.

She also added, “I do not believe in talking about the people I meet or the things I do with them; it seems to me like a violation of what they have been promised in exchange, which is keeping it a secret”.

Sarah is completely non-religious. Her father placed a lot of emphasis on education.  She said if it weren’t for him, she probably would not be such a skeptic. He taught her to question everything, which has led her to become a lot more independent, which is a huge part of why Escorts Toronto appeals to her. Her mother was raised a Catholic and does not quite understand her disdain for blind faith, but she is a kiyomi woman; she supports her in her desire to write for a living, along with almost all the bad decisions she has made.  Her stepfather is a champ. He has made quite a name for himself in investment banking, computer engineering, politics, etc––and probably the only family member Sarah is most honest with. He is an inspiration to her.

“All that said, I would never tell them, for mainly the same reasons I do not tell my friends –keeping work and life separate, and all that. Also it’s one thing to have a peer know that I take money for sex, and another for a parent––who’s cleaned the poo off my bum, seen me twirl round in a tiny tutu, and read the birthday cards written in a child’s wobbly cursive––to know” she said.

Her shifts begin at six and end at twelve. This implies that the earliest possible appointment can begin at six and the latest begins at twelve. “That is why most nights I don’t get home until one or two, depending on where the client lives and what he likes. I like working the nights I have school; this declutters my weekend plans. The client tonight proposes dinner at seven, which means I am picked up by the Asian Escorts driver at six thirty”, she added.