Sarah says she has two friends:  one who works at the agency, and the other who is not in the industry but has proven to be a good source of support all through the years. She explained that being discreet about her job is born out of choice and not a necessity. “My friends who do not know I’m sure will accept it; they are liberal and creative in their views. My decision to be discreet has more to do with sustaining a dual role of keeping my life and job separate” she remarked.

She also added, “I do not believe in talking about the people I meet or the things I do with them; it seems to me like a violation of what they have been promised in exchange, which is keeping it a secret”.

Sarah is completely non-religious. Her father placed a lot of emphasis on education.  She said if it weren’t for him, she probably would not be such a skeptic. He taught her to question everything, which has led her to become a lot more independent, which is a huge part of why Escorts Toronto appeals to her. Her mother was raised a Catholic and does not quite understand her disdain for blind faith, but she is a kiyomi woman; she supports her in her desire to write for a living, along with almost all the bad decisions she has made.  Her stepfather is a champ. He has made quite a name for himself in investment banking, computer engineering, politics, etc––and probably the only family member Sarah is most honest with. He is an inspiration to her.

“All that said, I would never tell them, for mainly the same reasons I do not tell my friends –keeping work and life separate, and all that. Also it’s one thing to have a peer know that I take money for sex, and another for a parent––who’s cleaned the poo off my bum, seen me twirl round in a tiny tutu, and read the birthday cards written in a child’s wobbly cursive––to know” she said.

Her shifts begin at six and end at twelve. This implies that the earliest possible appointment can begin at six and the latest begins at twelve. “That is why most nights I don’t get home until one or two, depending on where the client lives and what he likes. I like working the nights I have school; this declutters my weekend plans. The client tonight proposes dinner at seven, which means I am picked up by the Asian Escorts driver at six thirty”, she added.