Some of you may remember that in the days before the advent of the internet escort agencies were in offices or apartments all over Toronto. A client would appear without an appointment and browse through one or two books of short biographies of the escorts Toronto who work with the agency. The client will be allowed to ask the receptionist for the availability and location of an escort, and when he is satisfied he pay the escort fee and even get the girl’s address or phone number to meet in a bar or restaurant in his house or hotel.

Some of these agencies had a room behind the front office where a few Toronto Asian escorts would wait and come out one by one to meet the prospective customer, with the hope of being selected for a booking. It was a more personal way to book a girl and the client immediately knew what he was getting.

The Internet ushered in an era that made these agencies obsolete, and they soon closed their doors; but there are still many who regret the day the internet killed this aspect of the business in Toronto. At the top end of the business are Madams who have call girls who are much more exclusive than those on Toronto escort websites, but of course these are also much more expensive.

In the galleries of upscale web escort agencies like this one you will find an amazing selection of very beautiful girls of all ages and inclinations, who more than fulfill the expectations of their clients; But if you’re rich enough to pay installments that go in the thousands of pounds, there are private “agencies” that are not available on the internet and are only accessible through word of mouth where you have an intimate date with a model or an ordinary girl next door that is so beautiful and engaging that you might fall in love with her at first sight; and that is a problem without a solution, so if you are reckless and have more money, go with one of these girls at your own risk.

As you read this, you may have already checked through the gallery page and seen for yourself how beautiful the girls are. For some men only appearance count; but for others, personality and disposition are just as important as the age and the particular kind of services a girl offers. This Toronto escort agency, along with a few other high-class ones, is careful to check every girl who appears on the site, that they meet the highest standards, as well as to determine the full range of their services to help the customer make a choice.