It is possible for a Toronto escort to maintain a very fulfilling lifestyle, but it is not highly probable that it will be full of glamour. Do not expect to instantly afford a Benz or a Jag, and that dream mansion on the hill is still miles away. Just like any other occupation, there are lessons and skills to learn first. You have to crawl before you can start walking and walk before you can start flying.


Toronto escorts must be in time. Punctuality is one of the first lessons Toronto Asian escorts must learn. Not showing up or being late for a date is absolutely unacceptable. No amount of traffic jams, flat tires, or babysitting problems will be an excuse for arriving late. Even if your date chooses to ignore it, your lateness will be noted and the tip you get or do not get will reflect how unhappy your date was as regards having to wait for your arrival.

If you work for a Toronto escort agency, just one late arrival could be met with a severe warning. Having two late arrivals could cost you your job. The client’s time is equivalent to money, and nobody likes their time or money being wasted.

It is not always about sex:

There are some dates that may only require you to bring your sexy body and pretty little face to a corporate event or party. Your job is done once the event is over. The fact is: we all know that there is nothing that livens up a party like sexy women who are ready to talk, laugh and dance the night away. A few people who do not have a companion may attend a corporate event. It is common place for a host to introduce the solo attendees to a nice lady who also happens to be in need of someone to chat with or to share a table with during an intermission. You do not need to let anyone know you were paid to be there, and you have the luxury of choosing whether you leave with someone or leave alone.

It’s Not Always About the Money

Not every waitresses were always waitresses, and they do not all remain waitresses until they retire. In the same vein, not every escort dreamt of becoming an escort, made a career from it, and retired as an escort. Although it is easy for one to get used to the money that can be earned, some individuals are not motivated by the financial reward. Some Toronto escorts only remain long enough to achieve a purpose, such as recover from a financial hardship or pay for college. It can be difficult working a full-time job to pay your bills while also attending college on full-time or part-time basis. Some people handle the situation by spending a few hours per week going on dates whenever they want to and with whomever they want to. When the financial hurdle has been overcome or when college is over, they return back to other employment.