There are lots of misunderstanding about becoming one of the many Toronto Asian escorts. One big misconception is that it is easy and fast to become successful as an escort. It is not as simple as winking at the right guy, wearing skimpy clothes, and then playing hard to get. That may win you a client or two. However, you will need to work a lot harder to get repeat clients and clients who will send referrals.


As often as you can be, you need to be available for client calls or at least be consistently available during a particular time frame and/or on certain days. By so doing, your clients will know when you are likely to be available and they may be able to adjust their schedule to suit your available moments if you are valuable to them. Keep in mind that you are not the only Toronto escort available. It’s a big city with plenty of escorts; if you are not available, many other Toronto escorts will be.

Hygiene, Grooming, Dress

As an Escorts Toronto, you should always smell and look like you just stepped out of the shower and got all made up for each specific client. One easy way to accomplish this is to ask the client ahead of time how he would like you to dress. Maybe he’s a suit-and-tie kind of man at the office, but prefers leather and denim after work hours. Make sure your attire fits his mood.

All Asian escorts should have hair and nails that are always tidy and neat. No flashy colors or chewed nails. Keep it simple with coral, French tip, or nude colors. Never wear too much perfume and do not show up with the smell of an ashtray all over you.

Lingerie should be a matching set and should be in good condition. You shouldn’t mix the slightly less worn Cross Your Heart bra you got from last year with your sexy bikini bottom you bought 3 years ago, no matter how good they still look on you. Also, stick with the simple colors of black or white lingerie. If a client prefers other colors, then make sure you get the other colors to please him. But do not assume that every man will enjoy the sight of a light skin complexion wearing a leaf color green. You must understand that your repeat clients will be paying for more than just your skin. What they want is a total package; an entire experience with an Asian escort. Demonstrate to them you are worth their time and their money.